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VUCA WORD: The Four Key Behaviours Buyers Demand from Your Sales Team!

The life of a salesperson is anything but easy, it’s demanding, stressful but at the same time can be highly rewarding. Yet, we all know that business is getting harder not easier, with the unpredictable customer behaviour, the financial crisis and all the changes in the market, Sales people are now challenged more than ever before to continue achieving targets in an increasing Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – VUCA – business world. Several organizations adopted strategies that are not so effective in dealing with the implication of VUCA on their business, such as asking salespeople to concentrate on contacting ever-increasing numbers of potential buyers in the hope that ‘If you throw a lot of mud at a wall, some mud will stick’, but, in fact, in a VUCA world, the last thing buyers want is for salespeople to run around in circles, just hoping that every so often they will be in the right place at the right time. The need to concentrate on quality, not quantity might seem like an obvious thing. But that’s now all!


Feeling Lost Already?

Here are the 4 key behaviours your buyers want to see in your salespeople now more than ever:

As simple as they may sound, these behaviours are highly overlooked by salespeople. It might be a surprise but it’s the reality and salespeople should pay more attention because they are selling in a VUCA world, with increased customer’s demands, and harsher business environment!

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