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Article – The Need To Leverage Behaviours In An Evolving Marketplace
May 28, 2014
Article – Creativity and Innovation
May 28, 2014

TTM associates Article

Evolutionary processes give rise to diversity at every level of the organization, and allow them to transcend towards greater sustainability by aligning products and services with internal capabilities, whether technological, personnel, technical or commercial.

Organizations evolve and this is the only constant! Political instability, natural disasters, social media, and the world financial catastrophe have pushed organizations to re-think their approach in the wake of intense evolvement. Those who will succeed will have to go through the process of metamorphosis and come out the other end agile and resilient. Building the right competencies that constitute a competitive advantage does not happen without the leadership intervention.

Why organizations need to nurture people capabilities to cope with change?

The biggest challenge for organizations in the 21st century is to unlock the creative power of their people. Businesses and their leaders, managers and staff are constantly being confronted with a whole host of challenges: the pace of change is accelerating; competition is increasing dramatically; new technology is being introduced at a Rapid rate, and the business environment is becoming more complex. To meet these challenges and to exploit the opportunities they create, businesses must be able to think on their feet. They need to be able to create innovative products for their customers, develop creative marketing strategies that out-perform their competitors and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their business processes.evolving_man_tree

They need to be able to deliver value for their customers, develop creative marketing strategies that out-perform competition and improve the effectiveness and efficiency. In order to do this, organisations need to improve the creativity of their teams and must foster the kind of culture which will churn creativity into innovation. One of the key ways in which organizations can improve their creativity is through learning creativity processes. By developing the creative thinking skills of its people, an organization is better able to tap into the creative energy within the business and unleash its potential. A business that is able to conjure up new ideas and think through problems to find original solutions is a business that is ahead of the curve.

Why Is It Important?

Evolving organisations challenge the way things are done and inspire people to meet those challenges and make changes that are sustainable. To ease the way pass the change curve organizations have got to drive their employees to be ambitious and to achieve organizational goals.

Evolution occurs when employees learn from each other. Very often more senior employees demonstrate ‘The Correct Way’ to make decisions or process work. Organizational evolution focuses on the ‘grass root level’ looking at the structure and process of actual change. It is often the irrepressible qualities of intuition, creativity, cooperation, anticipation and generosity, and the ability to self-organise, solve problems and face up to difficulties, that allow individuals in an organization to contribute to its growth and evolution.