Bob Empson

Management Consultant


Bob is a trusted adviser & coach for boards, CEOs & senior executives.
Facilitating progress, change & results.

Bob Empson is White Maple's founder and Principal Consultant.
His career started with British Petroleum in the UK and Africa.  He became
a management consultant in 1985 when he joined a specialist strategy and
marketing consultancy. He subsequently established the strategy/marketing
consulting group of a UK professional services firm. He founded White Maple
Consulting in 2002. Bob’s insights and inspiration are gained from:

  • Experience advising c.200 organisations from diverse sectors
  • Over 31 years in business
  • Work in both the boardroom and operations/field
  • Delivery in c.35 countries on 6 continents
  • A very extensive personal network
  • Tutoring at Warwick Business School and an MBA