TTM Associates is a global consultancy firm that focuses on Changing Behaviours and Transforming Minds!

We strive to Make a Difference on individuals, teams and organizations by building insight and making an Impact.  TTM uses practical scientific methods and best practice processes in order to ensure that we deliver on our promise.

We offer innovative, value-adding solutions, tailored to the needs of every customer. Our Award-Winning Learning focuses on developing the organization’s most important asset: People!

It sparks innovation and prepares them to cope with change and make the best out of every opportunity.


TTM means Total Talent Management!

At TTM associates, we emphasise the importance of the entire Talent Voyage of your most important resource: People! Total Talent Management pays special attention to the entire talent Journey from Hiring to Retiring!

For an organization to lead today, it is vital to allocate special attention process of acquiring, assessing, selecting, developing, engaging and retaining their Talents. Our unique Total Talent Management process, enriched with the Whole-Brain Approach enhances innovation, speed and quality across all functions within an organization.

Our Total Talent Management approach empowers Talents within an organization to be spot on, highly accredited and unified qualities, fast-tracked and developed against time, thus be able to strategically and commercially complement a given organization position in the market.



Whichever sector you are operating in, our aim is to establish a lasting partnership to help your people enhance the organisation’s performance.




A large collection of insightful Articles and White Papers is available in our Resources section, covering an array of topics of great importance and concern in today’s business world.